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Chilliwack Furnace Repair and Services

Furnace Repair Chilliwack, Furnace Service Chilliwack, Furnace Installation Chilliwack with sky limit heating.

we all know in Canada that it can get extremely cold, so we have to keep your family

warm and comfortable, but finding the right furnace for your home can sometimes it’s hard.

And requires a lot of consideration, so few important things to keep in mind.

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Gas Furnace type:

there are single stage, two stage and modulating options.

single stage furnaces which have just one flame setting are the most basic and commonly installed

they simply turn on or off, there’s no middle ground and when they’re on they operate at the highest

flame setting will get the home warm, but may not be the most efficient.

two stage furnaces have a maximum high setting as well as a medium intensity setting,

this helps to ensure more even heating and lower energy consumption.

then you have modulating furnaces where the flame increases and decreases and smaller finer increments.

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Furnace Service and Maintenance Chilliwack:

why you need furnace service? You need a regular professional inspection for your furnace,

is required to help ensure it runs efficiently.

so that it’s saving you money no one wants to be dealing with a broken-down furnace during the

coldest days of the winter.

so we will help you for any concerns before they could turn into a costly breakdown and regular

maintenance will also help extend the life of your equipment.

And also more important a licensed technician can help ensure your equipment is operating safely.

Furnace Installation Chilliwack, Furnace Repair Chilliwack 24/7 with sky limit heating.

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furnace maintenance checklist during service time:

one of the first checks is for carbon monoxide your technician will use a certified CO detector to

ensure the air in your home is safe for you and your family.

it’s important to note that carbon monoxide alarms are now mandatory in most homes.

we also recommend you replace your alarm after five to seven years of operation.

Next checks will be done to ensure your safety and will do a temperature test to ensure,

your furnace is working effectively.

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 We will check the current draw of the circulating fan motor to ensure it’s drawing the correct,

amperage or power the test will identify if your equipment is drawing too much power,

which not only could be wasting your money but could also lead to overheating and damage to your

equipment leading to expensive repairs.

And also we complete a series of additional tests from checking the operating pressures and venting

to put your system through a fully operational and safety cycle.

We also check all gas connection for the leak, and also vacuum and clean all dust inside your furnace.

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