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We do all Gas Fireplace Service, Repair and Installation

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Gas Fireplace Repair Vancouver, As a professional Gas Fireplace company, we take our job seriously when it comes to Natural Gas and safety, keeping your Gas fireplace clean and safe is our goal.

Skylimit Heating perform Gas Fireplace inspection, repair, installation, maintenance in Greater Vancouver.

Think about your home safety and your family safety for the annual inspection of your Gas Fireplace call us now 7788925119.

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Services in Greater Vancouver

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The gas fireplaces are heart of the Canadians homes, if you have furnace in your house and looking for more than that,

so insert gas fireplace or other gas fireplace like direct vent and B vent gas fireplace can turn your gas fireplace into an excellent heat source.

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Vancouver Inserts Gas Fireplace Installation

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Everything you need to know before buying or installing 


you’ve decided on a gas fireplace there are a few things you need to be aware of according to a new law all vented gas fireplaces must have protective barrier screens to prevent children from touching,

the hot glass doors superior brand fireplaces come with the screens included.

So, there are three types of burners to choose from Millivolt burners have standing pilots that remain, on at all times this makes it incredibly easy to turn on your fire.

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When it comes to gas fireplace installations, gas fireplace repair and gas fireplace maintenance our gas fitters can help you to fix all gas fireplace brands in Greater Vancouver.

We all cover Gas fireplace repair Vancouver, Gas fireplace Installation, Service and Maintenance Vancouver Area call us 7788925119

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