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gas Fireplace Insert installation


did you know while enjoying that old-time wood fire in your open masonry fireplace,

most of the heat in your home is actually being drafted right up and out of the chimney,

your money is literally going up in smoke luckily, so there’s an easy and affordable solution.

and we can help the best way to stop your heat from going straight up the chimney,

is to install a high-efficiency gas fireplace insert for you, so what’s a gas fireplace insert?

a gas fireplace inserts installed into your open masonry fireplace to stop full chimney draft.

And it improves the air quality in your home.

of course, increase your home heating efficiency saving you fact, direct vent gas inserts are on average 72 percent efficient.

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Gas Fireplace insert installation Greater Vancouver


there are a few things to consider before getting a fireplace to help heat your home,

there are options available if you are not sure generally speaking the most popular models,

are either gas-electric or wood fireplaces usually most people get a gas or electric fireplace ,

as they are more efficient than their wood-burning counterparts, however, some people do prefer wood-

burning fireplace for various reasons a gas or electric fireplace is clean burning with no air pollution,

and no debris in your home from wood or pieces that have fallen off of the logs.

the first thing you need to remember is that it is important to make sure the chimney is kept clean.

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Fireplace insert removal and installation Greater Vancouver and Fraser Valley


to keep small children from getting the hurt fire back this consists of a metal plate that lines the back of a

fireplace this is used to protect the masonry but also used to radiate heat back into the room.

inserts are cast iron or steel boxes that can use wood electricity gas or even coal and are fitted right into an

existing fireplace these are extremely efficient and can actually reduce home heating costs by twenty to forty,

percent, for your homes, as it is pointless to get a fireplace only to discover that it is too small and will not heat.

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