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What are the different types of a thermocouple?

In general, a thermocouple is manufactured in three main types: beaded wire thermocouple, thermocouple probe, and surface probe. In the following paragraph, we have given a brief introduction to these three types:

Thermocouple probe. To manufacture this type, thermocouple wires are placed into a metallic tube where the wall is considered the sheath of the probe. Stainless steel is mostly used as the main material of the sheath due to its chemical compatibility. However, other sheath materials will be available for higher temperatures.

Beaded wire thermocouple. This type of thermocouple is considered to be the simplest form you can find in the market. A beaded wire thermocouple is made of two wires connected together using a welded bead. It is important to mention that liquids that can oxidize the thermocouple must not be used on the welded bead due to being exposed and therefore, not every working condition will be desirable.

Surface probe. Most technicians are having problems with measuring solid surface temperature and unfortunately, a normal thermocouple is not able to do the job. In order to measure the solid surface, the sensor must be in maximum contact with this surface and it is only possible when a thermocouple is made of flexible metals so that the junction form is flat.

Whole Gas Fireplace Parts Assembly Upgrading
Whole Gas Fireplace Parts Assembly Upgrading

Then, you can actually use this to make maximum contact with the surface. A surface probe is the best thing you can find in the market for measuring surface temperature, email us for any request about gas fireplace parts at skylimitheating@gmail.com.

What happens when the thermocouple is not working in the fireplace?

It should be noted that if this part of the fireplace doesn’t work, you won’t be able to light the pilot. In other words, you won’t be able to light the fireplace. Unfortunately, you can not exactly say if the thermocouple is the real problem or not. For example, there is a chance that something is blocking the gas tube and therefore, there is no enough flame coming out of the tube in order to heat the thermocouple and reach a proper temperature.

I don’t think you have worked with a fireplace before. So, my suggestion is to light the pilot and see the flame size and color. You must know that the color yellow or orange means something blocking the pilot tube and you need someone to maintain the system. However, if it is blue and you can see a large flame, there is nothing to worry about.

Whole Gas Fireplace Pilot Assembly Repair
Whole Gas Fireplace Pilot Assembly Repair

If you see a sign of corrosion on the thermocouple, it means that the operation of the thermocouple will be negatively affected. In either above cases, if you are unable to fix the problem yourself, just call a technician and let them take care of them for you, contact us for any questions about gas fireplace parts at 7788925119.

What are the advantages of using a switch and thermostat on the fireplace?

In order to control the gas fireplace, there are two common ways you can use that are described briefly in the following paragraphs:

Control your gas fireplace with a wall switch

If we want to be honest, installing a wall switch be a more convenient and simplest way to control your gas fireplace. These switches are actually similar to those you use to turn your light off and on.

One of the most important advantages of using these wall switches is that they are pretty cost-effective. Also, you can install them at any place in your house and they are no limitation. After installation is done, all you need to do is to flip the switch and then the fireplace will start to warm up your place.

however, you must not forget to flip off the switch and if you happen to do that, excess gas may be consumed which is also not only increases your energy bills but also dangerous for the household, call SkyLimit heating and gas for any request about gas fireplace parts at skylimitheating@gmail.com.

Control your fireplace using a thermostat from any room you want

The thermostat has a similar function to the wall switch. Just like its counterpart, it can be installed in any place you want. The difference between a wall switch and a thermostat is that you are required to set a certain temperature at which the fireplace will turn on or turn off.

As you can see, using a thermostat to control your fireplace is a little trickier than you think and it is not a matter of flipping a switch. You must give special instruction to the thermostat in order to get the result you want.
It must be mentioned that the temperature that you set for your thermostat won’t be the same at all seasons and you will be required to check their temperature based on the weather conditions and season.

Gas Fireplace Main Gas Control Valve Repair
Gas Fireplace Main Gas Control Valve Repair

For this reason, you must ask your technician about what temperature is right for your house at different weather conditions, email us for any request about gas fireplace parts at skylimitheating@gmail.com.