Looking for gas boiler parts or gas boiler brands in Greater Vancouver and Fraser Valley? What is the job of the thermocouple inside the boilers?

There is a good chance that your boiler may not work as well as before and that may happen for a couple of reasons one of which is a failed thermocouple. Have you ever thought about how a boiler can keep up with the provision of heat in your house? Basically, the thermocouple is what makes the heat happen and it is one of the main parts of your boiler.

Just like the thermocouple inside the water heater, you will be required to set the temperature of your system at a certain number. However, what happens when the temperature of the heated water doesn’t reach the set temperature? This is where the thermocouple comes in to regulate the temperature based on the number you set on the system thermostat. Basically, it acts as a temperature-sensing device.

The thermocouple consists of two alloys, which are usually nickel and chromium, jointed together at one end. By using the ‘Seebeck effect’, these two jointed alloys are able to generate a small voltage. The jointed end of the device is located just above the pilot flame and the other end is attached to the gas valve. As long as the heat doesn’t reach the regulated temperature, the gas valve will stay open providing fire to heat the water, for more information about gas boiler parts call us at 7788925119.

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Different Types of Thermocouple Types

Whether you want to replace the thermal cook inside your boiler or water heater, there are numerous types of thermocouple you can find within the market and all of them differs based on temperature ranges and the composition of two alloys (metals) used in the manufacturing of the thermocouple.

To distinguish these categories from each other, they are named with capital letters such as classification K and M. Also, you must know that they belong to different classes such as follows which is based on the rare metals used in them, if you have any questions about gas boiler parts email us at skylimitheating@gmail.com.

These classes are as follows:

• Homebody or standard class. You can find commonly used metals for manufacturing the homebody class.
• The upper crust class. The two metals consist of platinum combinations.
• The rarified class. This consists of metals that are highly durable and wear- and high-temperature resistance. These are usually refractory metals. Some of these metals are as follows: molybdenum, tantalum, and rhenium.
• Exotic class. This class belongs to specific applications due to the fact that rare metals are used in the manufacture of this type of thermocouple.

In the following table come on we have provided a list of several thermocouple types based on temperature ranges:

Type Alloy Types Range
K Chromel (+) Chromel (-) 94°C to 1260°C
B Platinum 30% & Rhodium (+) Platinum 6% Rhodium (-) 1372°C to 1705°C 744°C to 927°C
E Chromel (+) Chromel (-) 94°C to 899°C 95°C to 900°C
M Nickel (+) Nickel (-) 0°C to 1233°C 0°C to 1287°C
S Platinum 10% Rhodium (+) Platinum (-) 983°C to 1449°C 980°C to 1450°C
N Nicrosil (+) Nisil (-) 649°C to 1260°C 650°C to 1260°C

How long can I trust the Gas boiler Parts Like thermopiles?

A thermopile sensor is a device that is installed at your boiler and is used mostly for laser power measurements. Just like all other devices inside your system, the device doesn’t have a specific life span and hence, we cannot really say that thermopile will last for more than 5 to 10 years and this totally depends on the condition of the thermopile and your system.

As mentioned to the customers during the last couple of years, you can expect a good life expectancy for your boiler and thermopile as long as this system is maintained and no damage or contamination is applied to the sensor and the system.

In order to maintain your thermopile sensor, you must hire someone to not only maintain the boiler every 6 months but also to calibrate the thermopile and monitor the performance of the thermopile in order to make sure that everything is working perfectly, also for more questions about gas boiler parts call us at 7788925119.

Usually, the thermopile sensors are manufactured using highly durable metals that can withstand damage and contamination. However, after time passes, you will see that a layer of contamination consisted of dirt, dust, and even oil on the device and it can lead to decreased performance.

Do you want to improve the performance of your system and thermopile? Don’t wait for a second and try to clean this contamination off the thermopile and try to keep your system inside a clean environment which can be a great help. In any case, if you couldn’t do any of the above tasks, just give us a call, and our technicians at Skylimitheating and Gas will be at your doorstep to fix your problems in no time, call 7788925119 for an emergency gas boiler parts in Greater Vancouver and Fraser Vallley.