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A brief history of Carrier furnace

If you search for the name of Carrier, you will see that this brand has earned its name among the top brands due to the production of high-quality heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems such as fan coils, air handlers, gas furnaces, chillers/heat pumps, etc. This brand is not a new brand. There is a history of 100 years backing up its reputation.

Who Should I Call For Carrier furnace repair?

For Carrier Furnace Repair you have to call gas contractors like Skylimit Heating and gas, also for Maintenance, Service and Troubleshoot, If you are in Vancouver and need Furnace Repair,

call us now for Furnace services too. Our experienced technicians are more than capable of troubleshooting your Carrier Furnace Repair.

You probably have a Carrier gas furnace at your house but they are always installed at places that are out of sight (such as the attic).

You don’t know what is going in your furnace and it is working day and night to create a warm environment during cold times. One day, however, it will stop working. At this time, you will understand the value of your furnace, call us at 7788925119 for Carrier Furnace repair.

These systems are built to run reliably for years, a maximum of 15 years. However, you cannot predict what comes at the next minute. What should we do to prevent the need for repair or replacement? You need the following services. 

Carrier Furnace Repair
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What made the Carrier furnace and its services reputable?

What every company wants from attracting customers? They want profits and more sales. Some companies don’t care about quality, customer loyalty, and satisfaction. However, the companies learned from their past and tried their best to change the company strategies. 

Like many companies, Carrier didn’t get its reputation for anything. It took time to earn its place among the known brands. They had problems along the way but they evolved and turned into the company that they are right now, also for emergency Carrier Furnace repair you can count on our experience.

Now, we see that they really care about the customers. According to the CEOs of the company, these products are manufactured considering the customer’s comfort and budget. They produce HVAC systems that can work in any climate with high performance.

Carrier Furnace Installation
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Carrier Gas Furnace Maintenance

The goal of furnace maintenance is to prevent any problems before they happen, to reduce the damage to the systems, and keep them working. Carrier furnace maintenance will include a process including different actions e.g., cleaning and tune-up services. However, this checklist can vary from company to company. But these two are considered the essential ones. 

For the Carrier gas furnace maintenance, the best way is to ask a professional to carry out the necessary tasks. The professional will carry out a checklist of actions such as follows. The technician will:

1- Inspect the vents,
2- Inspect the blower door,
3- Check the heat exchanger and burners,
4- Check the blower wheel,
5- Check the belts and filters,
6- and check the system wiring.

Carrier Gas Furnace Cleaning

Cleaning the furnace means cleaning the different parts, especially the blower and motor which consist of filters, belts, pulleys, housing, and blower fan. If you are the type of person that says I can do anything, be our guest and do the carrier furnace cleaning yourself.

If you have never done these tasks before or have no experience, don’t consider asking for help from a professional a shame, for 24/7 Carrier Furnace repair we are here to help you.

Carrier Furnace Service
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Carrier Furnace Safety Inspection

Are you in need of a furnace safety inspection? If you are, then you have come to the right place. 

“Skylimit Heating” is the company you should contact. A trustworthy and experienced team of technicians is ready to provide you with any type of furnace services you want especially for brands such as Carrier and Lennox. Contact Us. Our technicians will visit your house and carry out the necessary inspection. The safety inspection includes:

1- Any damage to the heat exchanger such as cracks or holes.
2- Gas leaking may endanger the life of the household (especially Co2).
3- Safety and control circuits and ignition systems must be tested

Carrier Gas Furnace Tune-Up

The HVAC system that you have at your house is one of the most important appliances. Years will pass and one day they will stop working. But we want to prevent them from stopping too early. So, asking for the above services plus one other service is highly recommended: furnace tune-up. 

It is worth mentioning that furnace tune-up can easily increase energy efficiency by more than 30%. What is this furnace tune-up for? By asking for this service, the technician will inspect the heating equipment and change any failing parts before they make any trouble to the system.

Why should I choose a Carrier furnace?

If you are looking for a top brand company with a wide range of furnaces that also manufactures eco-friendly products at the lowest prices, the carrier will be a great choice, Skylimit heating and gas also is the first choice for Carrier Furnace repair.

This Canadian company manufactures different types of furnaces such as single-stage, two-stage, modulating, and variable speed furnaces. In other words, every customer can find what they are looking for. 

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February 16, 2021