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Which brand should I choose as my furnace to save energy and money?
Try “Lennox” Furnaces

If you are looking for high-quality heating systems, furnaces, conditioners, and other domestic heating & air systems, the “Lennox” will be a great option for you. Using these systems, you will be able to spend money one time to save money and energy later in the future.

Looking to Lennox furnace repair in Greater Vancouver?

“Skylimit Heating” is your company

Finding the right company to carry out your furnace repair at the most needed time can be a tough job call us now for an emergency Lennox furnace repair in Greater Vancouver and Fraser Valley.

f1- Is your gas furnace acting out?
2- Does your furnace make weird and alarming noises?
3- Do you fear your family’s safety?

What are you waiting for? The furnace is not going to fix itself. Pick up the phone and call the Skylimit Heating office. A technician will soon answer and help you with your problem.

On our website, we also have provided you with a platform by which you can send a message to our technicians to wait for their call in the quickest manner possible. “Skylimit Heating” is the company you can truly trust for Lennox furnace repair services.

The company says that I will save money by purchasing the “Lennox” brand.

Does it mean that I don’t need to service my furnace?

The systems of this brand are considered to be the best options during the hot, rainy, and snowy times providing the customers and their families with enhanced comfort in their houses. The components of Lennox heaters and furnaces are all subject to a 5-year limited warranty that can be extended to 10 years.

The company guarantees that the product you purchased will function for more than 10 years considering that furnace service, maintenance, and repair (if needed), safety inspection, cleaning, and tune-up service are carried out in a timely manner.

So, if you want to have a functioning system without being worried about more costs, all the necessary actions must be carried out, call us now for 24/7 Lennox furnace repair.

Do you have problems with your Lennox gas furnaces?

A safety inspection is a necessity for Lennox gas furnaces, especially older versions

The safety of the customers and their families is our priority. Here in “Skylimit Heating”, our technicians try their best to provide a safe environment.

By asking for a safety inspection, you will prevent incidents at your place. It must be carried out by a professional on a timely basis that they will help you in determining the best date.

Our professionals will visit your house to conduct a visual inspection and complete a checklist of all recommended parts to be inspected. If you have an older version, you might need a replacement.

However, our technicians will give their opinion after the inspection process. For preventing more damage to the systems, you must ask for maintenance on a regular basis, you can reach us for Lennox furnace repair at 7788925119.

What should I do when my Lennox furnace needs maintenance?

It is always best for the customers to ask for furnace maintenance services when a certain date approaches. The customer may not be able to do the maintenance themselves. What you must do is pick up the phone and give us a call. Our number is (+1) 778-892-5119 for emergency Lennox furnace repair and installation and the technicians will answer the call, quickly.

The most important part of Lennox furnace maintenance is furnace cleaning that we have mentioned briefly in the following paragraph.

Lennox Furnace Cleaning

If you want to make sure that the furnace is running efficiently without making any trouble, always keep it clean. But what part of the furnace is the most important one?

The filters must be cleaned. It must be mentioned that a dirty filter will cause extra money on your bills and reduce the life of the system. Replacing one-inch pleated filters is recommended on a monthly basis.

Other parts that will need cleaning are as follows:

1- burner flames
2- blower blades
3- flame sensor

After inspection, of course, our technicians will determine which parts need cleaning, also if you have any questions about Lennox furnace repair or parts we are here to help.

Why should I ask for the Lennox furnace tune-up service?

Among the above services, you must consider tune-up services for the Lennox furnace to prevent total break-down. A scheduled tune-up service for the Lennox furnace must be part of your to-do list.

The above service will gain more importance as we approach spring and winter. Using this service, we guarantee that your Lennox furnace lives up to its maximum life and provides you with maximum comfort.

Lennox furnace repair
Skylimit Heating and Gas for all Heating Repairs

Why Us? Why should the customers choose us?

Every company has its own advantages that make them thrive in the market. What makes our company Skylimit Heating exceptional are:

1- Our team of professionals that are working hard 24/7 to satisfy the needs of the customers
2- and high-quality services

Our team consists of individuals who have long experience in their own profession and have worked with different types of furnaces, especially Lennox furnaces. So if you encounter a problem, you know who to call. Contact us and enjoy our services.

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