The Best Professional Instaflame Majestic Fireplace Repair in Greater Vancouver

To make sure that you are safe from any danger not only before the fireplace installation but also after it, there are some tips that knowing won’t be entirely pointless:

• The fireplace must be connected to a separate valve and thermocouple to prevent any gas leak.
• Always check that there is no damage that occurred on the chimney. Also, check that the cover of the chimney is not blocked by any object.
• Check out the color of the fire. Knowing that color changes to an unusual one such as yellow can be quite dangerous.
• Choose your fireplace and its fuel type wisely. Always consult with the manufacturer or your technician on how to choose the best one for your house.
• Know that the valve must be installed outside of the fireplace. This allows you to access the valve on demand and prevent catastrophic events.

Emergency Instaflame Majestic fireplace repair Services in B.C

here is Instaflame Majestic fireplace repair’s emergency phone number: 7788925119, Skylimit Heating and Gas repair, service and install all Instaflame Majestic gas fireplace brands in Greater Vancouver and Fraser Valley, looking for Instaflame Majestic gas fireplace services or Instaflame Majestic fireplace brands parts such as thermocouple, thermopile, gas valve, or thermostat repair? you came to the right place, email us today at

Instaflame Majestic Fireplace Repair
Instaflame Majestic Fireplace Repair Services

Fireplace Services Checklist

  • Test your fireplace and venting for correct clearances,  safe connections,
  • We  Check and clean around your unit
  • Overall fireplace inspections
  • Cleaning of firebox & glass
  • Inspect burners for cracks & clean pilot assembly
  • Check electrical circuit & connections
  • Visually inspect blower motor fan (if available)
  • Clean logs & ember reconstruction
  • Check for the leak under pilot assembly
  • Relight pilot and check the following functions
  • 100% safety check & gas valve lockout check-in pilot outage
  • Flame characteristics
  • And also Check Flame controls, thermostat, wall switches, etc
  • Gas leaks around connections
  • Carbon monoxide test
  • Clean logs & ember reconstruction

Fireplace Parts & Maintenance

Thermocouple Pilot Assembly
Remote Control Thermopile
Remote Control Sets Pilot Assemblies
Gas Controls Piezo Ignitors
Thermostats Gas Fireplace fan
Gas Fireplace Glass Toggle Switches

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  1. Avatar of Renate Rosner
    Renate Rosner October 18, 2022 at 11:24 am

    Hello, I have an old Insta-Flame gas insert fireplace to my basement which I think needs some work. The booklet I have states Model He20 for installation, if need be can you still get parts for this model?

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