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Signs of Increase in the Amount of Energy Bills? Time for Furnace Service

Prices of different fuel types as gas, oil, and electric can change based on weather patterns and supply and demand. This change can explain the small number of changes you may see on your energy bills.

However, the problem starts that these changes are significantly high during the last couple of months and cannot be explained by fuel prices. You suddenly remember that these changes can be due to one reason: you passed the date of furnace service.

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To better understand these changes, try to compare your recent bills with old ones, for example, last year’s energy bills. If the number of family members is the same, there will be subtle changes.

However, if these numbers are higher than before, that means you have a furnace problem and if you don’t service your furnace soon, these changes will become worse. If you have increased energy bills, call us now at +1 778-892-5119 and let us take your furnace with our professional technicians.

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March 26, 2020